Wish List

I have a ton of items on my wishlist, sometimes I just wish I could break the bank and buy everything right now! When I look Simon Says Stamp I don’t know what to buy first because I just want to add everything to my cart. I haven’t purchase very many things online because I live in Canada and somtimes shipping can be outrageous and I also what the products in my hands now lol. I usually shop at Michaels (which is hit or miss because they don’t seem to carry many of the popular brands or have the newest items available.) Sometimes I get excited when I see a Maggie Holmes paper pad or something that I have on my wish list, but it doesn’t seem to happen as often as I hope. The other places I usually can find things are Winners, Home Sense and now Marshalls (which are all owned by the same overhead) they sometimes carry the newer products that have been out for a little while but are still some what new. Anyways enough rambling here are my wish list that I hope to some day have everything checked off if my bank account will allow me too!

I believe all of the items I have listed are stamps with the exception of some stencils, I recently have been getting more and more into card making and well having stamps is kind of a big part of that! So here it is, my wish list!


Simon Says Stamp Wish list:


  1. Ice Cream Dream
  2. Birthday Farm Animals
  3. Adult Beverages Sayings
  4. Adult Beverages
  5. Sending Happy Thoughts
  6. Bright Sunshine
  7. Friendship Messages
  8. Favourite Flowers
  9. Watts Up
  10. Hello You
  11. Birthday Messages
  12. Stripe Greetings
  13. Objects of Love
  14. Love This
  15. Merry Trees
  16. Christmas
  17. Thanks
  18. Handwritten
  19. Nautical Borders
  20. Be Sentiment
  21. Happy
  22. Stinkin Cute
  23. Inside & Out Sayings
  24. Happy Everyday
  25. Circle Friends
  26. You
  27. Lots of Thanks
  28. Hand Written Sentiments


  1. Zig Zag
  2. Large Moroccan
  3. Large Dots
  4. Diagonal Stripe
  5. Chevron Stripe


Avery Elle Wish List:

  1. Balloons
  2. So Happy
  3. Brushed
  4. Cake & Candles
  5. Oh Happy Day
  6. Oh Yeah
  7. Handwritten Notes
  8. Cupcake
  9. Storage Pockets


Mama Elephant Wish List: 

  1. Carnival  Cupcakes
  2. Carnival Toppers
  3. In My Heart
  4. Bountiful
  5. Many Thanks
  6. Merry Greetings
  7. Say What
  8. Smitten
  9. Polar Pals
  10. Good Times
  11. Up, Up & Away


Paper Smooches Wish List:

  1. Kudos
  2. Strokes
  3. Kissable 2
  4. Merry Motifs
  5. Borderlicious
  6. Kinfolk
  7. Slang Gang
  8. Wicked Nautical
  9. Birthday Sampler
  10. We Connect
  11. Warm Hearts
  12. Chilly Chums
  13. Hullabaloo
  14. Green Acres
  15. Simply Said
  16. Jerome
  17. Pretty Phrases
  18. Christmas Sampler
  19. All Yule Need
  20. Joyful Greetings
  21. Good Gab
  22. Yummers
  23. Word Salad
  24. Chubby Chum Pals
  25. Chit Chat
  26. Perpetual
  27. Little Lovin
  28. Chubby Chums
  29. Sugar Rush
  30. Word Up
  31. Sentiment
  32. Birthday Buddies


Lawn Fawn Wish List: 

  1. Winter Penguin
  2. Chit Chat
  3. Dream
  4. Into The Woods
  5. Happy Feast
  6. Peace, Joy, Love
  7. Lucky Stars
  8. So Much to Say
  9. The Scoop
  10. Happy Everything
  11. On The Mend
  12. My Silly Valentine

for store n blog test

Alley Way Wish List:


  1. Big Chatter
  2. Bee Sweet
  3. Baby Talk
  4. Speak Easy
  5. Baby On Board
  6. Words To Live By
  7. Chatterbox



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